Set 100 Ultimate


SET 100 Ultimate is a 120W single-ended class A hybrid amplifier.

It has the magic midrange of a small S.E.T amplifier with the scale, authority, macro and micro detail that no amplifier has ever achieved until now. It uses a specially designed s-e mosfet output stage direct coupled at the output using as the dc current path a double c-core amorphous choke.

SET 100 has power and drive with transparency, musical involvement and above all with music sounding naturally.

With only 2 gain stages in the signal path, the level of immediacy, transparency is unequaled by designs using more than 2 gain stages. Having no overall feedback, the distortion is kept comparably low while the output impedance is sufficient enough to drive real world loudspeakers.

The first stage uses a high transconductance triode, the SIEMENS EC8010 selected for its sonic capabilities and reliability. It is powered by a separate power supply with tube rectification and choke regulation. This stage is transformer coupled with the output stage. This interstage transformer is a state of the art component. It uses a proprietary double c- core material and optimized unique winding design. Sonically it is a virtually nonexistent component.

The output stage and all internal wiring are hard wired with silver wire extruded to our specifications. SET 100 is an amplifier that produces music in its true natural scale, but above all it brings you as close as possible to the music event, to feel the music rather than hear it, to be touched and overwhelmed by the deeper feeling, with music emerging and not only sounding in a clear undistorted way. Compared with conventional amplifiers it is more direct sounding, musical, with more instrument body , lower frequency extension, frightening dynamics and most of all magically three dimensional.

The power supply is designed as a system paying attention to every smallest detail that could affect the sound quality. It uses a low noise E-I power transformer, a big size power supply choke and 4 pole electrolytic capacitors. It is also hard wired with silver wire.

Mechanical, magnetic and electrical noise is very low contributing to the quiet operation of the system. A darker background is produced from which sounds suddenly emerge, like from real life.



100 Ultimate Specifications

Output Power Before Clipping 120w Rms @ 8 Ohm
130w Rms @ 5,6 Ohm
100w Rms  @4 Ohm
Bandwidth 5hz -80khz  -3db
Output Impedance 0,22 Ohm
Input Impedance 47 Kohm
Gain X30  (29,5 Db)
Dimensions 240x610x672  (W X H X D)Mm
Weight 100 Kgr
 Power Consumption  400w Constantly