Our Statement Of Cable Design – Dramatic Enhancement Of Signal-To-Noise Ratio And Reduction In Sonic Artifacts Profound Improvement In Soundstage Depth, Definition, Transparency And Signal Fidelity.

RCA Cables

We offer RCA interconnect cables non-shielded and shielded. If there is no necessity for shielding (e.g. phono cable) we recommend the non-shielded IC direct.
Reference IC direct
non-shielded Interconnect cable
Reference IC protect
shielded Interconnect cable

XLR Cables

We offer balanced interconnect cables with XLR connectors.

Reference IC balanced
balanced Interconnect cable

Digital Cables

We offer shielded digital cables in two versions:
Reference IC digital AES/EBU
110 Ohm with XLR connectors
Reference IC digital S/P-DIF
75 Ohm with RCA connectors

Speaker Cables

We offer reference speaker cables with mass optimized 4.0 mm banana plugs as standard and with spades upon request.
Our range:
Reference single wiring speaker cable
Reference jumper cables
Jumpers to connect terminals of bi-wired speakers.
Sold in set of four.
Reference bi-wiring speaker cable

Power Cords

Reference power cord

Available with US or European power plugs.